Update 30/11/2020

Zoom with B4RN

 There will be a zoom meeting with Dave Ryall from B4RN. He will be able to answer your questions.  If you wish to receive an invitation please email suequinnko@gmail.com

Your email addresses will be sent to Dave to enable him to issue your invitation. Please send your questions so we can get them to Dave beforehand.

The Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday 9th at 7pm

There is an urgency to get this project underway as the government has slashed funding. So please join us on Wednesday, read further details on the Parish Council Website www.kirkoswaldparishcouncil.co.uk and read the Raven.

If you are sure, as we certainly are, that this is the way forward for our whole Parish, sign up to pledge your voucher.  There is no personal liability and you can withdraw later if you wish but the sooner we can all sign up the more chance we will all have of a positive outcome.

Sue Quinn, Brian Smythe


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