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Update 30/11/2020

Zoom with B4RN

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The Zoom meeting will be on Wednesday 9th at 7pm

There is an urgency to get this project underway as the government has slashed funding. So please join us on Wednesday, read further details on the Parish Council Website and read the Raven.

If you are sure, as we certainly are, that this is the way forward for our whole Parish, sign up to pledge your voucher.  There is no personal liability and you can withdraw later if you wish but the sooner we can all sign up the more chance we will all have of a positive outcome.

Sue Quinn, Brian Smythe

Update of Super Fast Broadband 05/08/2020



Updated 13/05/2018

You can access information about broadband access in the parish in two ways:

1 Directly by clicking links on this page
2 Download the two documents and access the hyperlinks on the documents after launching them.
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The hyperlinks take you to broadband service providers websites so should always be up to date. Many thanks to Brian Smythe for the considerable amount of work put into assembling this information.

Update on Super Fast Broadband in Kirkoswald Parish

and how to access faster broadband


The current situation as of April 2018 is that under the Connecting Cumbria programme BT Openreach have enabled one of the two cabinets in KO Parish to a fibre connected status.

The result of this is that the majority of properties which are no more than one mile (by road) from the cabinet (located next to the bridge opposite Laces garage) should be able to receive at least 24 Mbps download speeds (SFBB) after upgrading their contract to fibre broadband.

Almost all the properties in the following post codes should be in this SFBB category.

CA10 1DF CA10 1DG CA10 1DH CA10 1DL CA10 1DQ
CA10 1DY CA10 1EA CA10 1ED CA10 1EE CA10 1EF
CA10 1EG CA101EH CA10 1EJ CA10 1EL CA10 1EN
CA10 1EP CA10 1EQ CA10 1EW

Most but not all Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) will now be able to offer you an upgrade to a SFBB  contract if you are in these post code areas.

The Connecting Cumbria programme will finish by end 2018 and there is unlikely to be any furtherGovernment funding available through Connecting Cumbria for upgrading the second cabinet or for providing fibre to the premises (FTTP) connections within KO parish.

BT Openreach have been offering a Community Fibre Partnership (CFP) over the past few years which would result in a FTTP connection and deliver a future-proof fibre solution. Delivering such a solution would involve the community in managing the project and a major fund-raising programme.

The details of this scheme can be found at

The viability of a CFP project will be dependent on identifying a cluster of premises (such as Renwick) and would require both funding and resourcing from the community plus any grants that may be applicable. These projects tend to be expensive in total but can become viable if the funding options deliver a significant percentage of the total costs.

The following post codes are likely to be outside the area covered by the fibre enabled cabinet and therefore will be unable to receive SFFB speeds and many will be sub-10 Mbps or even sub-2 Mbps.

CA10 1ER CA10 1EU CA10 1EX CA10 1EY CA10 1EZ
CA10 1JE CA10 1JG CA10 1JH CA10 1JJ CA10 1JL
CA10 1JQ CA10 1JT CA10 1JU CA10 1JY CA10 1JZ
CA10 1LA CA10 1LB CA4 9SE CA4 9SF CA4 9SG

All the post codes listed in these tables are based upon best estimates from published data.

If through your own experience and the measurement of your own connection with a broadband speed checker you identify any errors I should appreciate feedback in order to improve the quality of this document.

Alternative fast or SFBB broadband services

Until recently the only alternative services for obtaining a fast broadband connection have been by using a fixed wireless or a satellite service.

Fixed wireless broadband

LonsdaleNet (LNS) are the only supplier of a fixed wireless service within our parish. This service has been available for more than six years and has benefited the residents of Renwick and many other locations. This technology requires a clear line of sight between the mast fixed to your property and the LNS mast, which will be verified by LNS free of charge before you have to commit to a contract. The standard LNS contracts offer download speeds of either 10 or 20 Mbps with options up to 60 Mbps.

Satellite broadband

There are currently two satellite systems accessible and with up to ten service providers offering a service utilising these satellites. The position of the satellites ensures that almost any location will be able to connect to these services but there are a number of technical issues that impact upon the quality and speed of this technology and generally the cost of this type of connection is higher than either land-line or fixed wireless services.

One of the technical issues with satellite connections is the long latency which makes VOIP telephone calls difficult and any real-time applications such as gaming will not work.

In February this year a third technology became commercially available and this is a fixed 4G service based on the 4G mobile signal.

Fixed 4G broadband

The first mobile operator to introduce a 4G based fixed broadband service is EE

EE have piloted the technology in the Northern Fells area of Cumbria before the national launch in early February 2018. This service obviously depends upon there being a 4G signal available at your property but because they install an external mast on your property to link into the inhouse router a weak signal on your mobile (at ground level) may not be a true reading of the available signal strength. Their installation charge is £100 and because they are using a mobile contract you have a 14 day “cooling off” period so that if the actual service does not deliver satisfactory speed or reliability you can cancel the contract and receive a £90 refund (equivalent to a non-refundable cost of £10 for a survey). EE are stating that download speeds of up to 70 Mbps should be available with a minimum of 32 Mbps.

The 4G mobile service is dependent upon access to a 4G mast but it is not as sensitive to line of sight issues as is the fixed wireless technology. Additionally the new Emergency Services

Network being implemented by EE under a Government contract using 4G technology demands 4G service from anywhere that an Emergency Services vehicle needs to access.

It is highly likely that the other mobile operators will introduce a similar 4G home broadband service, assuming that EE’s service is commercially successful. This would then assist in keeping the charges competitive on an on-going basis.

Future mobile technologies

Looking further ahead the recent successful Government auction of the 5G mobile frequencies opens up an even faster technology. The introduction of 5G mobile services will ensure that the mobile technology remains competitive for the foreseeable future. There is no date announced yet for the start of 5G services but the sale of the licences should ensure that 5G will be available within the next few years.

How to decide the best option for your location

This is a difficult problem to advise on because there are strengths and weaknesses in each technology and there are many different commercial offerings with each technology.

Firstly, a fixed landline based broadband service, if available with an acceptable speed, is likely to be the least expensive solution.

If you cannot obtain an acceptable fixed landline connection then the attached spreadsheet is an attempt to compare the currently available offerings (as of April 2018) for fixed wireless, satellite and 4G broadband services. These numbers can only be indicative because prices as well as terms and conditions for the offerings are constantly changing and hence I have included the URL for each service provider to enable you to check their current offering.

Beware when you make an enquiry for a 4G mobile signal-based service. Some mobile operator’s customer service staff may be offering you a broadband service based on a landline connection with a very optimistic estimate of the speed. EE have defined a service named Home 4GEE but the other mobile operators may not be so clear in their offering.

The satellite-based services in the spreadsheet are a representative selection but there are other operators that can be found via Google (satellite broadband services).

Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme

The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme (BBS) has been developed by the UK government to provide access to a subsidised broadband installation to homes and businesses that are unable to access a broadband service with a download speed of at least 2 Mb per second and who will not benefit from the superfast broadband roll out.

The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme will ensure that no household or business will need to pay more than £400 to install and access a basic broadband service over a 12 month period.

The scheme is now open until end-2020 and further details can be found on the following web site:

Universal Service Obligation

David Cameron committed in November 2015 to implementing a Universal Service Obligation (USO).

This USO will give people the legal right to request an “affordable” connection to broadband with speeds of at least 10 Mbps, no matter where they live.

The process of implementing this commitment has reached the stage of Ofcom publishing on 28th March 2018 the Government’s response to the public consultation on design.

The final definition of the USO is still some way off and subject to negotiations with the broadband service providers.

The implementation of this USO is unlikely to happen before the end of 2020 and hence is very much a medium-term option.


I have prepared this statement in my capacity as Broadband Hub Coordinator for the parishes of Lazonby and Kirkoswald.

I have used authoritative sources for the information.

Due care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information but readers should be aware that the information can change at any time.

I do not make any recommendations for service quality or standards for specific suppliers and potential service users are strongly advised to make their own enquiries and be satisfied with the terms on offer before entering into contractual arrangements.

This report has been placed on the website of Kirkoswald Parish Council for information only.

Brian Smythe

01768 898474

Current indicative prices and allowances for broadband services as at April 2018
Use the URL under each of the ISP’s to check current prices and allowances
Service Provider Technology Offering Initial cost Monthly cost Contract duration Advertised Speed Likely Speed Monthly
Install & Activate (Indicative) (Indicative) Mbps Mbps Data Allowance
(Indicative) Down/Up Down/Up
LonsdaleNet Fixed wireless Residential Lite £149.95 incl VAT £19.95 incl VAT None 10 10 10 Gb
LonsdaleNet Fixed wireless Residential Max £149.95 incl VAT £29.95 incl VAT None 10 – 60 20 150 Gb
LonsdaleNet Fixed wireless Small Business £250.00 plus VAT £50.00 plus VAT 12 months 10 / 5 10 / 5 250 Gb
LonsdaleNet Fixed wireless Business £250.00 plus VAT £100.00 plus VAT 12 months 10 / 10 10 / 10 500 Gb
LonsdaleNet Fixed wireless Super Business £250.00 plus VAT £200.00 plus VAT 12 months 25 / 25 25 / 25 1,000 Gb
EE Mobile 4GEE Home Plan 10Gb £100.00 £25.00 incl VAT 18 months 60 Min 32 Mbps 10 Gb
EE Mobile 4GEE Home Plan 50 Gb £100.00 £35.00 incl VAT 18 months 60 Min 32 Mbps 50 Gb
EE Mobile 4GEE Home Plan 100 Gb £100.00 £45.00 incl VAT 18 months 60 Min 32 Mbps 100 Gb
EE Mobile 4GEE Home Plan 200 Gb £100.00 £60.00 incl VAT 18 months 60 Min 32 Mbps 200 Gb
Service Provider Technology Offering Initial cost Monthly cost Contract duration Advertised Speed Likely Speed Monthly
Install & Activate (Indicative) (Indicative) Mbps Mbps Data Allowance
(Indicative) Down/Up Down/Up
Avonline Avanti Satellite AV Superfast 10 Gb £480 £29.95 24 months 30 / 2 ? 10 Gb
Avonline Avanti Satellite AV Superfast 25 Gb £440 £44.95 24 months 30 / 2 ? 25 Gb
Avonline Avanti Satellite AV Superfast 40 Gb £440 £59.95 24 months 30 / 2 ? 40 Gb
Avonline Avanti Satellite AV Superfast 60 Gb £440 £84.95 24 months 30 / 2 ? 60 Gb
Broadbandwherever Satellite Connect 10 – DS £429 £26.95 24 months 30 / 6 ? 10 Gb
Freedomsat Satellite Avanti Consumer 5 £367.50 From £17.50 24 months 15 / 2 ? 5 Gb
NotSpot Satellite SatBand 10 £535 £26.00 12 months 15 / 3 ? 10 Gb
OS Telecom Satellite ? £350+ £35.00 ? 22 / 6 ? 10 gb
SBBS Satellite ? £756 £27.95 24 months 22 / 6 ? 10 Gb
& 4G